ISO certificates standards

Product quality

In the world of fixings and accessories, everything depends on the quality of the product. This is the crucial element in many applications. That is why pgb-Polska takes the term 'product quality' very seriously. In order to be able to meet consistently high quality standards, our manufactured products are first and most importantly subjected to a strict assessment. We regularly carry out random samples of the goods we manufacture and, if necessary, call in an independent, certified laboratory.


Another form of quality that pgb-Polska equally values is the quality of our service: our customer service, the e-shop and our recent warehouse expansion are just a few examples. Since 2006 pgb-Polska has been ISO 9001 certified. The aim of the quality system is to increase the quality of our services and products and to increase the efficiency of the company.

In 2006 the company obtained the ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate. Eversince it has been renewed with distinction. The cerficate was renewed beginning 2018 with distinction.

Health and Environment

During our manufacturing process, we highly value the health and safety of our employees. We constantly monitor our production process to keep our employees to keep them safe and healthy, phisically and mentally. We did an independent audit to ensure that our managings is complient with the ISO 45001 : 2018 standard. The audit resulted in the ISO-certificate.

Not only our employees are top of mind in our production process. We also try to limit the impact on the environment during our manufacturing process. During an indipendent audit on our environmental management we obtained the ISO 14001: 2015 certificate. This guarantees that we minimize our negative affect on the environment, comply with all environmental laws and that we strive to improve our manufacturing processes to futher minimalize our impact.

ISO certificates standards