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History pgb-Polska

In the more than 20 years of history of pgb-Polska, things have changed for the company. In those years, the focus of the whole Polish market has changed. It has shifted from a focus on producing cheaper basic products towards a market that asked for higher quality products and a more innovative product range. pgb-Polska has adapted to those changes. Where it used to be a distributor for the Polish market, it now has become a leading manufacturer for the European market.

A focus on European markets combined with Poland becoming a member of the European Union in 2004 resulted in the unification of product certification systems like ETA’s. By focussing more on the European markets, pgb-Polska has introduced higher standards and improved relations between production, distribution and the customer. The high quality products produced by pgb-Polska are up to the standard and expectations of the European markets and are setting the tone and direction in the innovation and development of new products.

Together with the Belgian mother company, pgb-Polska focusses primarely on development and production of new products within the existing pgb-Europe family of brands. Prime examples of these brands are SMART, PFS+ and HAPAX among others.

The focus on quality and service will further open foreign markets to pgb-Polska. Not only European markets will be within reach, but also the Middle-Eastern and Asian markets will become available and be part of our scope.

History overview

History pgb_polska



Esmark was founded as an distributor for screws and anchors in Poland.


Esmark was growing and getting to small for its original housing. The company moved to a new business location.


The first anchor is developed and produced. The fixing is still in production at this day.


pgb-Europe invests in the Esmark company and becomes the main shareholder. From this instance, Esmark also acts as a distributor for all the pgb-Europe products, vastly expanding the range of products.


Since 2006 pgb-Polska is an ISO-certified company. This is a quality label that ensures a transparent and trustworthy management of the company. The ISO 9001 label is only obtained through a thorough audit.


The company changes her name to pgb-Polska Ltd, as a member of pgb-International. Together with pgb-Europe and pgb-Asia, they form a group which focuses on supplying the European market with the highest quality products.


The company expands and feels the need to invest in a new production hall. This makes a larger production possible and enhances the product development and production of new nylon and copolymer fixings.


Part of the main products are tested according to the European Technical Approval Guidelines and obtained their ETA certificate. This certificates are the result of an independent test on the strength of the anchors.


pgb-Polska becomes a member of the ECAP, the European Consortium of Anchor Producers. This consortium bundles the power of the different anchor producers at the European level and helps develop the industry standards. It also informs its members about upcoming changes in European standards.


The company further expands and invests in new production moulds and the construction of a new warehouse. By doing that, it ensures a high availability of its products for local and European distribution.


pgb-Polska moves to a brand new production in Zabrze. The new production site not only has a higher production capacity, it is strategically located at 20 kilometres from Katowice.


Our company further makes work form their assessments, having more than 40 products with ETA-certificates. These independent tests assure the highest performance standards.


The company invests in a thorough update from their software, investing in a new ERP-system, providing the company with a new and updated warehouse and production management system. We do this to provide our customers with an even better service and faster information.

History pgb-Polska
History pgb-Polska