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pgb-Polska is the production branch of the pgb-International. We specialize in nylon, steel and chemical anchors. The main activity of pgb-Polska is the development and manufacturing of quality nylon anchors. Our fixing products are sold under the brand name SMART.

The SMART brand stands for a wide variety of anchors. We strive to provide a solution for every fixing. Our range goes from standard wall plugs to heavy duty anchors with seismic assessment. We continuously monitor the building industry and improve and develop our products to provide you with better and stronger solutions.

We produce and develop our nylon anchors in our production plant in Zabrze, and therefore pgb-Polska is a proud member of the ECAP, the European Consortium of Anchors Producers.

We are not only a ISO 9001-certified company, most of our products got the ETA-assessment. The European technical assessment (ETA) is an independent test report that ensures the consistent quality of our SMART anchors. These independent tests ensure you that our anchors meet the highest performance standards and are according to EU constitution regulations.

We try to minimize the effect on the environment while producing our anchors. We develop our anchors and choose our raw materials with sustainability in mind. Furthermore, we are banning hazardous processes or materials.

We're here to help

With over 8 000 articles in our range, we are able provide you with the fixing you are looking for. Our range even includes anchors for seismic areas, ensuring continuous safety under extreme conditions.

Within pgb-Polska and pgb-Europe most products have a unified certification and a unified packaging system. It does not matter if the products are shipped from our warehouse in Poland or the headquarter in Belgium, all products adhere to the same level of quality. Due to a large stock, we can deliver our goods in short notice.

We provide individual support to our customers looking for the right anchor. Thanks to our elaborate know-how, we can help everyone in finding the most suitable fixing product for their application. That is how our customers can continue their daily business, without worrying about the product. That is how we establish an long term relationship with our customers, based on trust.

pgb-Polska production
Production pgb-Polska