Outstanding service


A leading supplier and manufacturer of fixings, anchors and tools, pgb-Polska is a European player strongly committed to digitization and comprehensive service to its customers. With an assortment of around 5,000 items constantly available from stock, the company offers a solution for almost every fastening challenge.

Access to the product database 24/7

Through its online store, pgb-Polska is able to provide customers with round-the-clock access to its online product catalog. Easy navigation also helps users quickly find the product and technical specifications they need. In addition, registered customers can use all kinds of trading facilities.

Automation and digitalization are central to all pgb-Polska processes and also guarantee that it can meet the growing performance requirements of the market, which is why it will continue to invest in the future. 

Standardization is also very important for optimizing performance. For many years, pgb-Polska has created a standardized line of cardboard packaging, which is an excellent service for customers, because they know that the next time they order the same product, it will arrive in the same box. Finally, a detailed check of all deliveries is possible thanks to the extensive consignment note linked to the box number.

Excellent service

We provide individual support to our customers who are looking for suitable anchors. With our extensive knowledge, we can help anyone find the most suitable fastening product for their application. In this way, our customers can continue their daily business without worrying about the products. In addition, we establish trust-based, lasting relationships with our customers.

Register with our online store and find out how you can quickly and easily order the entire pgb-Poland assortment via the Internet.