pgb-Polska is the Polish production unit of pgb-International. Our main activity is the production of plastic fixings, e.g. made of high-quality polyamide and distribution of chemical and steel anchors under the "SMART" brand. Our automated production line allows us a constant flow of products, thanks to which we are able to meet the constant demand of our customers.

Our production process

  • The highest quality production materials: polyamide and polypropylene
  • Conditioning products made of polyamides in a conditioning machine in saturated steam guarantees adequate flexibility
  • Many products with universal or specialized use
  • Own production on the highest quality hydraulic injection molding machines with manipulators
  • Polyamide products are stored in appropriate conditions to extend their quality
  • The process of automatic packaging - from cardboard to wrapping the pallet


The pgb-Polska company constantly invests in the development of new products, has extensive experience, which it uses in continuous improvement and automation of production processes. The products are attested and certified - offered on the market under the Smart brand - most of them have ETA approval.

In addition, we can supply our customers with private label products and packaging upon request.

In a highly competitive market, we are constantly improving our production to achieve the highest standards in fasteners and fixings. We want to support you in your daily activities and offer you maximum benefits.

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