Our nylon anchors are manufactured and developed in our production plant in Zabrze, which is why pgb-Polska can proudly be a member of ECAP (European Consortium of Anchor Producers).

Not only do we have the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 mark, but also most of our products have the ETA certificate. The European Technical Approval (ETA) is based on an independent test report and ensures the consistent quality of our SMART anchors. Independent testing ensures that our anchors meet the highest performance standards and comply with EU construction legislation.

Our ISO 9001 certificate

The pgb-Polska company constantly invests in the development of new products, has extensive experience, which it uses in continuous improvement and automation of production processes. The products are constantly attested and certified.

We try to minimize the impact on the environment when manufacturing our fixings. We develop anchors and select raw materials with sustainability in mind. In addition, we prohibit the use of unsafe processes or materials.

Commitment to environmental protection

At pgb-Polska, we keep our promises. "Sustainable business" is not an empty statement. Our commitment to the environment is gradually taking shape. And we can prove it.

What does sustainable business mean to us in concrete terms? Well, the sun is the basis of every green energy source we know: it makes the wind blow, makes trees and plants grow, keeps the watercourse going, and much more.

pgb-Polska has 550 photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 250 kW. Through this, we try to run on autonomous energy as much as possible and try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Furthermore, while shipping our goods, we try to limit packaging material, and in addition, we use packaging material (cardboard) that is already recycled or can be recycled.

Finally, we also take into account the different ways of galvanisation. For example, we ensure that our screws are galvanised ChromeVI-free and that they comply with RoHS guidelines.