The Most Versatile Fixing

The XUP fixing of pgb-Polska is one of the most versatile anchors.

The one you need

We developed our XUP-range of universal fixings with versatility in mind. We wanted a fixing that you could rely on, whatever the wall is made of. So we developed our do-it-all fixing solution: the XUP Universal fixing. We believe you should take it with you on every job. Why? Because you can use it in most, if not all, building materials. It grips in solid brick, hollow brick, plasterboard, aerated concrete and sand-lime brick. So if you're in doubt of what the wall is made of, our universal anchor is the way to go.

How come?

Well, our universal fixing has four expansion zones. They expand in solid materials, such as concrete or solid brickwork. Furtheron, if the space in the wall is hollow, for example in a plasterboard wall, it knots itself, forming a tight fixing. The neck of the plug, in contrast, is expansion free. So you can use it without fear when the wall is tiled. You may rest asured that even fragile finishing materials won't crack when you use our universal fixing.

The anchor is easy to use as well. On the front of the fixing, there are wings, preventing the fixing from rotating in the drill hole. Thus, the anchor will not rotate when you fix your screw. A small collar at the front avoids the plug is pushed in while fixing the screw. These two features will avoid frustration on the job. So if you don't know what fixing to choose, you can rely on our XUP range.


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