SM07TB - Through bolts

SM07TB - Through bolts


A new generation of through bolts : SMART S-TB7


" The SMART S-TB7 through bolts with ETA option 7 for non-cracked concrete is your flexible solution for mounting in non-cracked concrete surfaces. "

Thanks to its approval for 2 anchoring depths and its long screw thread, the anchor can be used in a wide variety of applications. In addition to push-through installation, pre-positioning and stand-off installation is also possible. This new generation of through bolts enables higher loads, but also offers small edge distances and anchor spacing as well as fast installation.


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SM07TB - Through bolts detail


1. The striking face prevents the anchor threads from being damaged during assembly. There is also a letter marker on the top surface that represents the length of the anchor.


2. Standard delivered with nut and washer type DIN 125, but also approved for larger washers type DIN 9021 and DIN 440, for use when mounting wood on concrete.


3. Depth marks for correct anchor placement. Reduced depth for more limited center-to-center distances and/or concrete thicknesses, or the standard depth for maximum performance.


4. Clear indication of the size and clamping range.


5. Strong expansion clip for optimal functioning of the anchor.


6. Optimally shaped cone for a smooth spread of the clip.


Sturdy packaging for S-TB7

The S-TB7 through bolts are packed in a sturdy cardboard packaging. Furthermore, the label on the packaging contains valuable information about the installation instructions, which can come in handy for everyone who is involved in the installation process. For more information about the through bolts, please check out our through bolts brochure.

" The extensive range includes different lengths for different diameters. The S-TB7 through bolts are available from diameter M6 untill M20 ranging from 50mm untill 275mm. Each length has also received a letter marking. These letter markings make sure that on-site checks are simplified once the anchors have been installed. "


ACP - Anchor Calculation Program

pgb-Europe offers a free software package for drawing up calculation notes, including anchors in concrete. The program is user-friendly and calculates loads for mechanical and chemical anchors, also including the new S-TB7 through bolts.

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