Wood screws

Your skills, our wood screws

PFS is pgb-Europe's well-known and widely appreciated brand of wood screws for wood-to-wood fasteners. There is a suitable screw for every application: screws for timber constructions and roof insulation, screws with full and partial threads, stainless steel screws for outdoor applications, screws for interior construction and drywall, etc. All these screws have the characteristic pre-cutting point that ensures fast and aggressive driving into the wood.

Professional chipboard screws

Professional wood screws for wood-to-wood joints. The special cutting point ensures fast installation without pre-drilling and reduces the risk of splitting the wood. The optimised pitch ensures fast installation and high pull-out values.

Professional timber construction screws

The timber construction screw is used in timber structures, roof constructions, truss-girdle joints, etc. The screw is available with a flange head and countersunk head. The cutting point makes pre-drilling unnecessary. Thanks to the special wax, the milling ribs on the shank and the coarse thread, there is a low screw-in torque.

Stainless steel screws and hardwood screws 

Wood screws for wood-to-wood joints have a special cutting point that ensures fast and precise installation and reduces the risk of splitting the wood.  

Special screws 

Professional screws for specific applications have a small head with milling ribs for a perfect finish. The green wax provides a lower screw-in torque. 

Drywall screws 

Professional drywall screws are available in different versions. The trumpet head with cutting edge guarantees a perfect finish. 

 BlackTop line 

New is our deep black BlackTop coating which goes perfectly with the black wood connectors. A nice range of black-coated screws can be found here.