Thin sheet screw 6x25 Bimetal

Product information

pgb article number TSSH16AB5006000253
EAN code 5410439162067
Box quantity 200
Material Bi-metal inox A2
Surface zinc flake coating
Type EPDM washer A2
Thread type Fine thread
d - Diameter 6
l - Length 25
sw - Width accross flats 8
Recess/key SW 8
dk - Head diameter 11,0
ts - Clamping thickness 8
Drill capacity 1x1,25 / 2x1,0
p - Pitch 2.4
No pre-drilling required (max drilling capacity  tI + tII: 1,0mm + 1,0 mm)
Less splinters during installation
Strong and secure connection due to the tension of the thread forming
For fastening brackets and components for photovoltaic installations to thin-walled metal profiles
PGB TSSH16 screws are thin sheet screws made of stainless steel A2 which are used to fasten steel and aluminum sheet profiles, especially for the fixing of the roof rails for photovoltaic installations. Thanks to the special bi-metal point tip, predrilling is not needed and drilling chips are reduced drastically. By the compression action of the thread, material is not removed but pushed down, which results in a safe and secure fixing. The pre-assembled sealing washer consists of a stainless steel shell with vulcanized seal in EPDM.