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pgb-Polska constantly invests in the development of our fixings. On top of that, we strive to improve them, according to the market demands. In our development we have a constant focus on quality. Our goal is to set the tone in the anchor industry. That's why all our products are independently tested and have the needed certifications.


The production of nylon anchors is done in-house. That is why we are able to ensure the highest quality of products. Our automated production line enables us to have a constant flow of products and therefore we are able to meet the constant demand of our customers.


In pgb-Polska, we pack the products we manufacture ourselves. By implementing modern packaging techniques, we allow the warehousing department to work in a comfortable, convenient environment and increase the overall reliability and quality.

Our products are packed in high quality cardboard boxes. These boxes are developed with usability and sustainability in mind. We prefer to use recycled cardboard or cardboard that can be recycled.

Private labels

pgb-Polska also has the possibility to service private labels. We are able to deliver the products in any size of package, according to the customers' demands. Our manufactured products can be packed in custom tailored packages, suiting to your brand.

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