Insulation: a hot topic

Efficient insulation fixing

Insulation fixing

As a specialist in plastic anchors, we produce different types of insulation fixings. Of course, these fixings have an ETA-approval. They are available for an insulation thickness from 20mm up to 190mm, giving you the possibility to make the building as energy efficient as you want it to be. By opting for a nylon plug, we avoid thermal bridges between the facade and the inside of the building.

Nail or screw type

The IPH-fixings come with the nails included. You can choose between reinforced plastic nails or a steel nail with a plastic cover cap. The nails are designed to be hammered in the fixing, making a fast push-through installation possible. With a reinforced plastic nail, you obviously prevent the thermal bridges between the construction and outer facade. The steel version is stronger, so more suitable for larger insulation thickness. The steel nails have a plastic cap, preventing a large thermal bridge, but the main function is preventing marks on the plaster surface. For a perfect finish, we designed the disc of the fixing so plaster has an optimal adhesion to the fixing, avoiding problems afterwards. 

The IPT screw-in insulation fixings are also recommended for thick insulations. They have two expansion zones, for an optimal hold in all materials. You can get the screw-in versions of this fixing also with a plastic and with a metal screw. With this fixing too, the metal screw has a plastic cap avoiding spots on the finished facade and a low thermal transmittance. The large disc on the fixings' head will keep the insulation material in place. These fixings are the perfect solution, whatever the material you're insulating with.

Additionally, we also have a drill bit for hollow bricks. This SDS drill bit is designed to give you the perfect hole in the hollow brick, which gives the best anchoring. The bit cuts the brick instead of hammering it, avoiding pieces in the hole breaking off. The hole it makes is pure and the fixing is more secure.

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