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SMART Chemical anchors

Through bolts : SMK & SMKI | S-KA

Easy to install (push-through installation) and in all-round suitability for many substrates such as concrete, solid brick and perforated bricks. The full assortment on offer includes total fixing lengths ranging from 80 mm to 230mm. the enclosed screw is available with countersunk head PZ3, T40, hexagonal head SW13, or hexagonal head SW13 with pressed-on washer and T40.

The screws are hardened in order to get the best performance. The SMART plug is halogen free and is made from a high quality nylon (PA6). Optimal ease of use, due to a limited installation depth (70mm) for all lengths.

Thanks to the specific geometry and spread, the SMART plug reaches high pull-out values and anchors itself effortlessly in the most common substrates.

S-IRP : A very performant polyester chemical anchor. It has an extended ETA approval for use in dry and wet un-cracked concrete (ETA 13/0750) as well as in flooded drill holes, without loss of performance.

S-IRV : The high performance vinylester resin S-IRV has an ETA approval for use in un-cracked concrete (ETA 13/0749) and for use in cracked concrete (ETA 14/0141). The ETA covers a full range of diameters with different embedment depths going from M8 until M30, for use in dry, wet and flooded drill holes. Next to the use with (standard) threaded rods, it is also approved for rebar as an anchor.

S-IRW : This vinylester resin has the same performance as the vinylester S-IRV. Thanks to its specific composition, it has a faster curing time allowing faster curing times in cold circumstances. It is even tested for use in environments with temperatures of -26° .

SMK & SMKI : Through bolt anchor with European Technical Approval option 7 for applications in non-cracked concrete. Fast installation-through fixing for use in concrete and natural stone. The anchor offers high pull-out loads and comes in zinc plated (SMK) and stainless steel version (SMKI). It has 2 approved setting depths which offer the user great versatility. Moreover it features a chamfered head which protects the thread when the anchor is set, and an anti-rotation expansion sleeve with the type marking.

S-KA : This heavy duty expansion anchor has an ETA option 1 approval for use in cracked concrete. It is specially designed for applications where the highest safety is required. SMART option 1 through bolts come in zinc plated version (S-KA), hot dip galvanized (S-KAK), stainless steel A4 (S-KAH) and high corrosion resistant steel 1.4529 (S-KAH HCR), all approved !

SMART : Anchor calculation software

pgb-Polska together with pgb-Europe at Fastener Fair Stuttgart

Smart - Anchor calculation
pgb-Europe proudly presents its new anchor calculation program for SMART metal and chemical anchors in concrete. The program offers a lot of features for planners and designers. Nonetheless it is easy to use.

The designs are according to the SMART ETA approvals and European Guidelines ETAG001 annex C and the Technical Reports TR 029.

The calculation reports are generated as a comprehensive pdf document.

Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2015, from the 10th till the 12th of March. We were there.

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